Briahna Joy Gray on how Sanders changed the healthcare conversation

2020 presidential effort, touted what she predicted Sanders’s achievement in reframing disagreement over health care.

“A lot of people inside actually struggled with their health care concerns but did not really comprehend that there clearly was a political solution for it before Bernie began talking about it until they heard other men and women who shared their worries at these city halls,” Gray said during a Wednesday appearance on Hill.TV’s”Growing”

“At the point they felt as though they had been permitted to begin talking about it and prioritizing it in a manner they may not have done previously,” she added.

Gray especially commended former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D), yet another Sanders ally who’s operating at a special election to get a U.S. House chair, for promising to fight for Medicare for everybody in a recent advertisement.

Gray said it’s”really smart” for Turner to”exploit” the recent circumstances surrounding the health care system involving the COVID-19 pandemic to stump for its single-payer health plan.

She explained 15 million Americans lost their health insurance”since we’ve got this ridiculous health care system where your capability to acquire policy is connected to your ability to remain employed, therefore when you are on your period of catastrophe is precisely once you shed your wellbeing care.”

Gray added she expects that the fallout of COVID-19 forces people”to think more seriously about the type of system that we have set up ” and”I think that it’s really wise to move ahead and continue to beat that drum”