Privacy Policy

We routinely check to see how well things worked around our website:

  • Fill in and submit a form
  • Email us
  • Create a user account with us
  • Ask us to automatically notify you when we have news
  • Follow us on Facebook and “like” us
  • Follow us on Twitter/other social-media sites and share us with your friends

You can choose to be anonymous when visiting our website. If so, we will not track you personally while you spend time with us on this website. Please be aware also that we always count the number of visitors to our website, whether they state their name or not. This information is stored in our web-server logs and is used to give us a big-picture view of our audience so that we can keep working hard to make our website the finest of its kind.

In addition to counting visitor heads, we also gather the following blind information:

  • Internet service provider you utilized to be able to come here
  • General geographic area in which you are located
  • Type of computer and browser you utilized during the visit
  • Which website you visited before you clicked over to ours
  • When you stopped by and how long you stayed
  • Starting point of your visit (which page you viewed first)
  • Which pages you looked at while you were here
  • Which pages seemed to interest you most and least
  • How many links you clicked while you were here
  • How you searched for things of interest on our website

Additionally, we do not give away, share, sell, rent, or lease your information to outside third-parties.

Use of Cookies on This Website

As indicated previously, one reason we seek the information that we collect is to help us determine the changes in content and functionality we should make to our website so that your future visits are more satisfying. That is why we use what are known as “cookies.” A cookie (in computer parlance) is a tiny data file that a website offers to a visitor’s computer. The tiny data file allows the website to remember you so that the website can automatically serve you better the next time you stop by. For example, a website that remembers you from one visit to the next will know the kind of information you usually like to access, the format in which you prefer to download it, and the folder to which it should be sent on your desktop.

In other words, cookies are all about good service to you. However, you are under no obligation to accept our cookies. You may refuse them at any time simply by adjusting the settings on your browser to not accept cookies. Please be aware, however, that blocking cookies may prevent you from logging in, conducting content searches, viewing videos, among other things.