Veteran Disability Benefits | Eligibility Requirements

Veteran Disability Benefits | Eligibility Requirements

If you served in any of the subsequent occupations, you’ll are exposed to asbestos: mining, milling, workplace work, insulation work, demolition of previous buildings, craft and construction, the producing and installation of product like flooring, roofing, cement sheet, pipe product, or the  conjugation of friction product like clutch facings and brake linings. Veteran advantages vary a good deal. Advantages area unit classified as entitled advantages and eligible advantages.

There are 3 main U.S. veteran benefits:

  • Automatic advantages like post-service pensions and medical plans
  • Disability compensation for duty-related injuries and sicknesses
  • Healthcare advantages to support long-run living necessities

Veteran Disability Benefits | Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Criteria

The VA acknowledges that amphibole causes carcinoma and offers advantages and incapacity compensation to veterans with diseases  ensuing from active duty exposure. If you’re a veteran diagnosed with carcinoma, or another service-connected incapacity, you need to meet  variety of criteria. Eligibility includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or as a military officer of the general public Health Service or the National Oceanic part Administration, once called the biology Services Administration.

The VA has the following eligibility requirements for veterans:

  • Veterans should are discharged underneath all conditions except dishonorable
  • Veterans should are exposed to amphibole whereas serving within the defense force
  • Veterans should have a unwellness or incapacity connected to the amphibole exposure that passed in military service

Evidence Requirements

  • Medical Evidence – The proof should show amphibole exposure whereas in military service. This could embody your military occupation specialty and/or wherever you were stationed.
  • Medical Documentation – The proof should show you have got a unwellness or incapacity associated with amphibole and a relationship exists between the exposure to asbestos in military service and also the disease/disability.
  • Claims Agents – You should claim a unwellness or incapacity. Exposure, in and of itself, isn’t a condition that’s subject to service association.

Veteran Disability

Veteran Disability Benefits | Eligibility Requirements

Disability compensation is sometimes paid monthly. The amount of compensation is set by the veteran’s incapacity level, that is understood on a share scale of zero through one hundred. Mesothelioma and different cancers have a 100-percent incapacity rating. Incapacity may be a tax-exempt profit. Mesothelioma is roofed at 100% on the VA’s incapacity scale. Additionally, associate degree allowance is provided if you have dependents. Medical proof should be provided so as to get incapacity compensation. A pathology report submitted together with your  incapacity application is usually adequate proof. There area unit three main criteria for veteran profit eligibility:

  • Service Proof
  • Disability Proof
  • Causation Proof