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What are the main Types of Asbestos?

Asbestosis could be a chronic pulmonic respiratory organ condition that there’s no cure at this time. It happens in people that have had prolonged exposure to amphibole, a mineral that has been employed invaried industries till the Nineteen Eighties, once it absolutely was prohibited owing to the diseases it will cause. Materials created with amphibole ar robust, flameproof, heat-resistant and sound-absorbent, creating amphibole a material for electrical and building insulation, among alternative uses.

It ought to be recognized that each one kinds of amphibole are thought of to be risky to human health. In total, there ar six kinds of amphibole fibers, all of that are too little to be seen by the human eye. They’re smaller than a strand of human hair and might get caught at intervals the lungs if inhaled.

The three main types of asbestos that you may come across whilst carrying out building work are:


Chrysotile could be a fibrous mineral that doesn’t burn or rot. It’s immune to most chemicals; it’s versatile and possesses high strength. This distinctive combination of properties makes asbestos an especially helpful material that has been established, for several decades, as a significant element of light-weight bolstered cement merchandise, friction materials, heat seals and gaskets and a number of alternative applications. Asbestos fibres are sometimes fine in texture, possessing high flexibility and sensible heat resistant properties, creating it ideal to be used in cement, brake pads/linings and roofing materials.

Under the electron microscope the fibres of asbestos are seen to be tubes, really the structural layers of the mineral rolled in spiral type. The area at intervals and between the tubes could also be crammed with a partly developed, bedded material.


Amosite was used most often in cement sheets and pipe insulation. It also can be found in insulating board, ceiling tiles and thermal insulation merchandise. Though all types of asbestos are toxicant, amosite asbestos exposure includes a relatively higher cancer risk. Next to asbestos amphibole, amosite is that the second most typical style of amphibole found in buildings and different merchandise.

Amosite amphibole has been prohibited within the Britain and lots of alternative countries because the fibres and mud will cause serious respiratory organ conditions if inhaled . Any handling of fabric containing amosite amphibole ought to be done solely by those that ar trained and properly equipped in its handling and disposal.


Crocidolite is one among the amphibole minerals. Crocidolite could be a comparatively rare mineral with terribly restricted prevalence, it’s found in metamorphosed iron formations as slender and versatile fiber bundles. Crocidolite was ordinarily wont to insulate steam engines, and it absolutely was conjointly employed in some spray-on coatings, pipe insulation, plastics and cement merchandise. Crocidolite has terribly skinny fibres and, if inhaled, ar simply lodged within the lungs. It’s skinny fibres and brittle nature build crocidolite one among the most harmful kinds of amphibole, because it simply breaks down and results in amphibole exposure.

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