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What are the Treatment Options for Asbestosis?

There’s no treatment to reverse the results of asbestos on the alveoli. Treatment focuses on swiftness the progression of the sickness and relieving symptoms. Those with pneumoconiosis could receive pain relief treatments that are used for mesothelioma patients, however normally, there area unit several treatment choices for pneumoconiosis that aren’t used for patients with mesothelioma. Treatments for pneumoconiosis area unit abundant less aggressive and target relieving symptoms and swiftness down the progression of the sickness.

Treatments target a patient’s ability to breathe while not distress. Caused by associate inhalation of asbestos fibers, pneumoconiosis could be a respiratory organ sickness that, over time, creates labored and painful respiratory. Respiratory organ tissues that area unit scarred from embedded fibers impede the natural respiratory method. After you have pneumoconiosis, your lungs and therefore the muscle around your lungs got to work further exhausting to breathe. It’s necessary to figure on creating your body as healthy as do able thus you’ve got the energy required to breathe. This includes learning respiratory exercises, ingestion well and avoiding things that may cause a lot of respiratory organ injury.

Treatment Options for Asbestosis

Asbestosis can’t be cured. In some patients, treatments like a humidifier, gas medical aid, chest percussion or bodily property evacuation may additionally be suggested to alleviate symptoms of chest congestion, tightness and issue respiratory. However, there area unit a couple of treatments that may facilitate management or cut back symptoms.

Some of the most common treatments are:

  • Bronchodilators (inhalers)
  • Pulmonary Medications
  • Antibiotics
  • Breathing tanks
  • Pain medication


Thoracentesis is employed for each mesothelioma and pneumoconiosis patients. This can be a minimally invasive procedure accustomed drain fluid from the lungs to extend the patient’s ability to breathe a lot of well. In terribly severe cases, however, pneumoconiosis patients could also be candidates for a respiratory organ transplant. This can be usually solely the case within the presence of mesothelioma and isn’t a treatment possibility for mesothelioma patients.

In sure circumstances, surgery could also be suggested for pneumoconiosis. In rare cases, a doctor couldsuggest a respiratory organ transplant. The goal of pneumoconiosis surgeries is to alleviate symptoms and supply pain relief.

Diagnostic Surgery – Diagnostic surgery is employed to induce a tissue sample to spot your specific cancer and create a designation. The designation of cancer usually may be confirmed solely by watching the cells below a magnifier. If the doctor isn’t ready to verify whether or not the lesion is cancerous from the films alone, they will opt to perform a diagnostic test to get a sample of the neoplasm for testing.


To ease respiratory issue caused by advanced pneumoconiosis, your doctor would possibly inflict supplemental gas. This can be delivered by skinny plastic tube with prongs that work into your nostrils or a mask. Some patients additionally realize relief through different medical treatments like stylostixis, massage medical aid, and medical aid drugs.

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